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These are pics from a football game. You may download them. If you want a print larger than a 4x6 you will need to purchase them from the studio. These are resized smaller and will only be enough information for a 4x6.
DSC_4071 [1280x768]DSC_3163 [1280x768]DSC_3166 [1280x768]DSC_3169 [1280x768]DSC_3171 [1280x768]DSC_3175 [1280x768]DSC_3179 [1280x768]DSC_3181 [1280x768]DSC_3192 [1280x768]DSC_3194 [1280x768]DSC_3197 [1280x768]DSC_3198 [1280x768]DSC_3200 [1280x768]DSC_3201 [1280x768]DSC_3203 [1280x768]DSC_3206 [1280x768]DSC_3208 [1280x768]DSC_3212 [1280x768]DSC_3228 [1280x768]DSC_3231 [1280x768]

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